Selena Gomez, the talented American singer, actress, and producer, has captured hearts worldwide with her versatile career. Born on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas, Selena first gained fame through her role in Disney’s ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and went on to become a chart-topping music sensation with hits like ‘Good for You’ and ‘Lose You to Love Me.’ Known for her philanthropic efforts and fashion endeavors, Selena Gomez is an influential figure both on and off the stage.

Birth Chart

Name: Selena Maria Gomez

Tag: Singer | Actress | Producer | Businesswomen

Date of Birth: 22-07-1992

Day: Wednesday

Birth Time: 12:00:00

Place of Birth: Grand Prairie, Texas, United States

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate and H= House)

PlanetsRashi (H)LongitudeNakshatra
AscendingVirgo (1st)13°39’08”Hasta
Sun (D)Cancer (11th)06°22’08”Pashyami
Moon (D)Aries (8th)03°49’16”Ashvini
Mars (D)Taurus (9th)03°26’06”Krittika
Mercury (R)Cancer (11th)23°26’17”Ashlesha
Jupiter (D)Leo (12th)19°36’08”Purvaphalgini
Venus (D)Cancer (11th)17°07’00”Ashlesha
Saturn (R)Capricorn (5th)22°30’43”Sravana
Rahu (R)Sagittarius (4th)05°15’29”Mula
Ketu (R)Gemini (10th)05°15’29”Mrigasira