Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, and wife of Barack Obama, is an influential advocate for education, health, and social issues. Her time in the White House was marked by initiatives such as ‘Let’s Move!’ to combat childhood obesity and ‘Reach Higher’ to promote higher education. As an author and public speaker, Michelle continues to inspire and empower people worldwide.

Birth Chart

Name: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

Date of Birth: 17-10-1964

Tag: First Lady of United States (2009 – 2017) | American Attorney | Author

Day: Saturday

Birth Time: 12:00:00

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate and H= House)

PlanetsRashi (H)LongitudeNakshatra
AscendingScorpio (1st)28°22’39”Jyeshtha
Sun (D)Libra (12th)00°59’59”Chitra
Moon (D)Aquarius (4th)16°33’27”Satabhisa
Mars (D)Cancer (9th)25°58’19”Ashlesha
Mercury (D)Libra (12th)02°20’42”Chitra
Jupiter (R)Taurus (7th)00°59’36”Krittika
Venus (D)Leo (10th)20°27’45”Purva Phalguni
Saturn (R)Aquarius (4th)05°09’48”Dhanishta
Rahu (R)Gemini (8th)02°35’54”Mrigasira
Ketu (R)Sagittarius (2nd)02°35’54”Mula