Khloe Kardashian is an American television personality, model, socialite, and entrepreneur. She was born on June 27, 1984, in California. Khloe first rose to fame alongside her family in the reality television series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She is also the co-founder of the clothing brand “Good American” and has appeared on multiple other television shows. Khloe is known for her outspoken personality and has been praised for her body positivity and dedication to fitness. She has also faced criticism regarding her appearance and personal life but has used her platform to advocate for self-love and acceptance.

Birth Chart

Name: Khloé Alexandra Kardashian

Tag: Socialite | Model

Date of Birth: 27-06-1984

Day: Wednesday

Birth Time: 12:00:00

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate, C= Combust and H= House)

PlanetsRashi (H)LongitudeNakshatra
AscendingLeo (1st)05°07’26”Magha
Sun (D)Gemini (11th)12°34’26”Ardra
Moon (D)Taurus (10th)24°24’52”Mrigasira
Mars (D)Libra (3rd)18°30’23”Swati
Mercury (C, D)Gemini (11th)18°10’23”Ardra
Jupiter (R)Sagittarius (5th)14°43’05”Purva Ashadha
Venus (C, D)Gemini (11th)15°48’35”Ardra
Saturn (R)Libra (3rd)16°16’50”Swati
Rahu (R)Taurus (10th)11°25’33”Rohini
Ketu (R)Scorpio (4th)11°25’33”Anuradha