With a net worth of 50.2 billion U.S. dollars, Gautam Adani is the 24th richest person in the world. His company, Adani Group, is a multinational corporation associated with port operations in India. A son of a small textile merchant and a dropout from Gujarat University but still he managed to become one of the most influential people in 2022.

Birth Chart

Name: Gautam Adani

Tags: Founder and Chairman of Adani Group | Indian Billionaire Industrialist

Date of Birth: 24-06-1962

Day: Sunday

Birth Time: Not Available (considered – 12:00:00)

Place of Birth: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate and H= House)

PlanetsRashi (H)DegreeNakshatra
AscendingLeo (1st)29° 19’20”Uttaraphal
Sun (D)Gemini (11th)08° 56’60”Ardra
Moon (D)Aquarius (7th)29° 26’19”Purvabhadra
Mars (D)Aries (9th)26° 01’35”Bharani
Mercury (D)Taurus (10th)19° 28’05”Rohini
Jupiter (D)Aquarius (7th)19° 17’27”Satabhisa
Venus (D)Cancer (12th)14° 58’48”Pashyami
Saturn (R)Capricorn (6th)17° 11’07”Sravana
Rahu (R)Cancer (12th)17° 27’11”Ashlesha
Ketu (R)Capricorn (6th)17° 27’11”Sravana


YogasReason for YogaSymbolizes
Gaj Kesari YogaJupiter in Kendra from MoonEfficiency, Intelligence, and Wealth
Karak YogaMercury, Jupiter, and Moon in mutual KendraFame and Finance
Dhan YogaVenus in a mutual aspect with Saturn as well as the Moon Local and Foreign wealth
Arishta YogaMoon-Jupiter ConjunctionAccident and Illness

There are some other weak yogas in Adani’s chart, Anapha Yoga, Adhi Yoga, Mahabhagya Yoga, and Kahala Yoga which will have a very minor impact on his life.