Though coming from a wealthy family, Elon Musk has uplifted himself even more as a marky in terms of money (more than 244 U.S. dollars) and fame. His association with SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and X Corp, makes him the most valuable person in the modern world.

All of his actions such as the space satellites launch, Starlink terminals to Ukraine, all-electric Tesla cars, neurotech to integrate the human brain with AI, boring car tunnels, and Twitter (now X) are widely noticed by both civils and delegates all over the world.

Birth Chart

Name: Elon Musk

Tags: Founder and CEO of SpaceX | Richest person in the world

Date of Birth: 28-06-1971

Day: Monday

Birth Time: Not Available (considered – 00:00:00)

Place of Birth: Pretoria, South Africa

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate and H= House)

PlanetsRashi (H)DegreeNakshatra
AscendingPisces (1st)09° 43’29”Uttara Bhadrapada
Sun (D)Gemini (4th)12° 08’05”Ardra
Moon (D)Leo (6th)11° 01’03”Magha
Mars (D)Capricorn (11th)27° 24’40”Dhanishta
Mercury (D)Gemini (4th)19° 57’55”Ardra
Jupiter (R)Scorpion (9th)04° 14’30”Anuradha
Venus (D)Taurus (3rd)25° 33’45”Mrigasira
Saturn (D)Taurus (3rd)07° 40’43”Krittika
Rahu (R)Capricorn (11th)23° 04’28”Sravana
Ketu (R)Cancer (5th)23° 04’28”Ashlesha


YogasReason for YogaSymbolizes
Gaj Kesari YogaJupiter in Kendra from MoonEfficiency, Intelligence, and Wealth
Amala YogaAuspicious planet in the 10th house from LagnaFame, Wealth, and Respect
Parvatha YogaA benefic planet in Kendra, 6th occupied by Moon and empty 8th houseHead of the company, Liberal, Interest in Charity, and Humourous
Parijatha YogaLord of the house occupied by the ascendent lordSlow progress yet satisfied
Bhadra YogaMercury in the KendraGentle, Strong, and Long Life

There are some other weak yogas in Elon Musk’s birth chart, Pasa Yoga and Bhagya Yoga which will have a very minor impact on his life.