Danny DeVito is an American actor, filmmaker, and comedian, born on November 17, 1944, in New Jersey. He is best known for his roles in films such as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Twins,” and “Batman Returns,” as well as his role as Frank Reynolds on the hit TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” DeVito has won several awards throughout his career, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. He has also directed and produced numerous films and TV shows, including “Matilda” and “Death to Smoochy.” DeVito is known for his short stature and distinctive voice, which have made him a recognizable figure in Hollywood.

Birth Chart

Name: Daniel Michael DeVito Jr.

Tag: Actor | Comedian | Filmmaker

Date of Birth: 17-11-1944

Day: Friday

Birth Time: 10:19:59

Place of Birth: Neptune Township, New Jersey, United States

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate and H= House)

PlanetsRashi (H)LongitudeNakshatra
AscendingSagittarius (1st)17°27’25”Purvashadha
Sun (D)Scorpion (12th)02°05’38”Vishakha
Moon (D)Scorpion (12th)21°52’18”Jyeshtha
Mars (D)Scorpion (12th)01°14’32”Vishakha
Mercury (D)Scorpion (12th)17°39’01”Jyeshtha
Jupiter (D)Leo (9th)29°56’39”Uttaraphal
Venus (D)Sagittarius (1st)08°32’32”Mula
Saturn (R)Gemini (7th)17°05’52”Ardra
Rahu (R)Gemini (7th)28°04’01”Punarvasu
Ketu (R)Sagittarius (1st)28°04’01”Uttarashadha