Ashley Johnson is a talented American actress and voice artist who has made a mark in both film and television. With her natural acting ability and versatile range, she has brought life to a variety of characters, from the popular video game series “The Last of Us” to hit TV shows like “Blindspot” and “Masters of Sex.” Her talent for voice acting has also earned her roles in popular animated series like “Young Justice” and “Transformers: Prime.” 

Birth Chart

Name: Ashley Suzanne Johnson

Tag: Actress

Date of Birth: 09-08-1983

Day: Tuesday

Birth Time: 14:00:00

Place of Birth: Camarillo, California, United States

(Note: D= Direct, R= Retrogate and H= House)

PlanetsDegreesRashi (H)Nakshatra
Ascending10° 54′ 01″Scorpio (1st)Anuradha
Sun (D)22° 13′ 53″Cancer (9th)Ashlesha
Moon (D)08° 08′ 59″Leo (10th)Magha
Mercury (D)17° 46′ 30″Leo (10th)Purva Phalguni
Venus (R)14° 15′ 53″Leo (10th)Purva Phalguni
Mars (D)03° 02′ 19″Cancer (9th)Punarvasu
Jupiter (D)06° 46′ 03″Scorpio (1st)Anuradha
Saturn (D)04° 27′ 39″Libra (12th)Chitra
Rahu (R)27° 39′ 04″Taurus (7th)Mrigashirsha
Ketu (R)27° 39′ 04″Scorpio (1st)Jyestha